Auto Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Pittsburgh

No matter where in America you live, both urban and suburban areas are filled with potentially dangerous risks for both walkers and joggers. Crosswalks are often forgotten by reckless drivers and wrecks involving serious injuries or fatalities occur. Without realizing it, every time we step onto a crosswalk, be it walking across a city street or venturing into the local Wal-Mart with our children, we are putting ourselves at risk to a pedestrian auto accident. Drivers who disregard traffic laws and speed by joggers and walkers are all too well known to those who frequently “hit the pavement.” The human body is not engineered to survive an impact with a thousand pounds of metal moving at relatively high rates of speed, so when an accident occurs, life-threatening injuries or even death are all to common. Pittsburgh pedestrian accident attorney Michael Worgul helps pedestrians injured in auto accidents get the compensation they deserve.

Many people fail to realize just how often pedestrians are involved in automobile accidents. Nearly 70,000 pedestrians are harmed by vehicles each year, leaving more than 5,000 people dead and another 68,000 people injured. A motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian once every 8 minutes, and once every 111 minutes someone walking or jogging is killed. Pedestrian auto accidents are not only a national problem, but they also involve members of our local community. Counties in our area have led the state in number of pedestrian automobile accidents.

Most pedestrians involved in an automobile accident usually face severe injuries or death, a fact as experienced Pittsburgh pedestrian accident attorney, are well aware of. Due to the sheer force of an automobile colliding into the human body, 85% of accidents occurring at 40+ mph result in a fatality. Other frequent injuries resulting from such an impact including:

  • Broken or Shattered Bones
  • Herniated or Broken Discs
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Head and Neck Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Internal Bleeding

Due to the severity of these injuries, long-term medical care and countless hours of rehabilitative treatment may be required. Attorney Michael Worgul will work with you to obtain all proper forms of compensation such as:

  • Medical Costs and Rehabilitative Care
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Potential Earning Capacity
  • Pain and Suffering Related to Your Injuries

Because the extent of the medical damages resulting from a pedestrian automobile collision are typically life-long and permanently damage the victim’s quality of life, we work unceasingly to obtain any possible compensation that will hopefully allow you to experience the same quality of life you would have experienced before the incident.

Our law firm will target any and all parties associated with your injuries. If the driver of the automobile was being negligent, meaning he or she did not exercise proper care in the situation to avoid injuring others while driving the automobile, he or she may be liable. Governmental agencies could also be at fault because they are required to design, construct, and maintain sidewalks, bridges, overpasses, crosswalks, and roadways in a way that avoids exposing pedestrians to unnecessary harm. Seeking legal consultation immediately is important when filling a suit on a government agency because the suit must be filled within six months of the incident.

Michael Worgul has seen various pedestrian automobile accidents, and, because of his experience, he is prepared to handle suits involving:

  • Poor design, construction, or maintenance of roadways
  • Unsafe Driving (i.e. texting while driving or changing radio stations)
  • Improper driving under various weather or traffic conditions (i.e. speeding in the rain)
  • Alcohol or drug usage while driving
  • Failure to yield right-of-way at a crosswalk
  • Failure to abide by posted traffic signs or signals
  • Misuse of turn signals

Relatively few causes contribute to the majority of the auto accidents in our area. Typically defense lawyers for either the insurance company or the drive will raise claims that the pedestrian’s actions contributed to or caused a collision to occur in hopes avoiding or decreasing liability in the situation, but Michael Worgul is  prepared to fight this claims so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve. Though claims that the pedestrian’s actions in some way caused the collision to occur may complicate a ruling, our firm has the experience to fight the claims and have full compensation awarded so that your recovery is not delayed.

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